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Hotdog Machine

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No specifications has been set for this product. Please contact us for further details.

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Steve Rowe
Great company, we will recommend you to everyone we know
Becky Blount
Had the rodeo bull for our anniversary party, it was fantastic! Would highly recommend this company, nothing was too much trouble, really reasonable price and they took care of everything, so hassle free and excellent communication, thanks so much for making our event so special
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Our Price: From £100.00
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Product Description

What's included for £100

48 jumbo hotdogs

48 hotdog buns (choice of standard buns 19cm or St pierre brioche baguettes 25cm)

ketchup, American Mustard, English Mustard

crispy fried onions

We can also offer Gourmet German hot dogs at additional cost (order in only deposit to cover the cost of sausage required)

These are not cheap hotdogs. Below is a list of available german hotdogs and the price for 48 hotdogs and St pierre brioche baguettes.

Beef hotdog 26cm £160

Bratwurst 25cm £160

Bratwurst 30cm 1ft £195

Cheese frankfurter 25cm £170

Chilli beef frankfurter 28cm £185

Frankfurter wurstchen £115

Garlic & pork frankfurter 25cm £155

Turkey hotdog 20cm £145

Krakauer bacon hotdog 25cm £165

Krakauer bacon hotdog 30cm 1ft £195

Oberlander Skinless Bratwurst 20cm £130

Pork hotdog 18cm £125

Pork hotdog 26cm £145

Pork hotdog 30cm 1ft £170

Jumbo frankfurter 18cm £140

Vienna beef frankfurter 20cm £150

Paprika debrecen 20cm £100

German gourmet hotdogs can be viewed at: https://sausageman.co.uk/product-category/sausages

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